In Memory of Shena Layn

This is a video dedicated to Shelby Jo Layn and her family.  In memory of Shena Layn


Don’t Worry This is NOT My Last Post :)

My blogging project has come to an end, but I am going to continue to keep blogging from time to time to keep everyone that has been following my blog up to date.

I have learned many things while posting on my blog, just a few things are;

1. Is that I really do enjoy it.  I think I enjoy it because I know I have some followers, so it makes it fun to know that I am writing for a purpose and not to just post for a class.

2. The second thing I have learned is that it is a little hard to post once a week. It can be very time-consuming, depending on how much thought goes into it.

3. I think blogs can be very beneficial for many reasons.  Personal blogs can keep family and friends updated on one’s life, and business blogs can keep costumers and staff updated on what is going on in the business.

4. I found that when I respond to comments there was more interaction on my post than when I didn’t.

5. The last thing I learned is that my blog was almost like my journal.  I was able to write about my feelings of not playing basketball.  The feedback I got from some of my readers made me feel good about my decision.

I am really glad my teacher made up make a blog.  I had always wanted to make one but never took the time to do it.  Now that I have one started I plan on continuing with it.